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Fix your issues with omni-channel management with Powngo:
Pim & Oms flexible and automated.

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Pim+Oms+Expertise = Powngo

Powngo semplifies...

If you’re wondering how to minimize all the time-consuming activities and lead to magnify quality, then choose Powngo. Powngo introduces a new and unique method to all the development stack by speeding up the activities and limiting human errors so that you & your Team get more time in learning and sharing the know-how.

...and organizes

Powngo organizes...

If you’re wondering about a tool that can manage all in one the eCommerce information flow, all the product’s informations, all the stock’s informations, all the price’s informations, orders, clients, refunds and all the other good-ecom-stuff, then choose Powngo. Powngo means: all in one.

...and optimizes

Powngo optimizes

If you’re wondering how to maximize the growth opportunities of your eCommerce by managing all the data more easily and efficiently, then choose Powngo. Powngo allows you to have fast evaluations on data analysis, from Shopify functionalities to the omni-channel sell through.

Well done with powngo!

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10 years of experience AKA many technology stacks managed.
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What they say about Powngo


Flexibility and scalability

Nomen omen. When I finally had the opportunity to put my fingers on Powngo I immediately understood his potential. It gives flexibility and scalability to SaaS platforms. In two words “the Cialis” of the CMS.

Giacomo Antonelli

Head of Omnichannel, Slam Jam


Game Changer

Powngo is the ultimate solution for your e-Commerce - this tool is a real “Game Changer”: sky is his only limit. To keep up with a frenetic and super fast environment like ours, you need an ally to absolutely trust in. I will never go back!

Simone Taverriti

Head of E-commerce & Digital, Antonioli Group

Powngo add-on

Powngo: stairway to the future

2010/2019: Powngo's History

2010/2019: Powngo's History

The experience and the vision

From more than 10 years of experience in system integration, Powngo was born from an intuition of the developing Team of Cooder with the purpose to unify in an all-in-one tool all the e-com necessary features.

2020: The Idea of Powngo

2020: The Idea of Powngo

Analysis & Requirements

In 2020 all the requirements and the basis for the birth of Powngo were extremely clear: Cooder started to develop the tool with the main purpose of conveying all the features in one main tool.

2021: The Shape of Powngo

2021: The Shape of Powngo

A winning synergy

PM & Developers Senior Team + Structureted Clients Team: this was the “Powngo Magic Combo” to success.

2022: Hello Powngo

2022: Hello Powngo

Powngo goes live!

In January 2022 Powngo was officially live on one Shopify e-commerce platform. It was already integrated with Shopify Markets, 2 instances, 10+ price lists, 3 locations. The main managed features were: Raffle, Refunds App, plus all the other functionalities. In July 2022 Powngo Omnichannel was live too: it integrated the orders from Shopify POS, Ship from store, Pick up in store, Kiosk orders, web Refunds, limitless shop and shared stores.

2023: Enjoy Powngo

2023: Enjoy Powngo

New eCom projects used Powngo

In 2023 5+ eCom projects with international and omnichannel approach decided to join Powngo adventure. Meanwhile, the Powngo Team had never stopped updating all the features due to the constant evolutions of the Shopify system (API updates, filters…).

2024 And On

2024 And On

Looking forward

In the next few years the goal is to have 30+ clients joining Powngo ride and to make Powngo more and more future-ready.

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